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MyDx™ empowers you to live a healthier life by revealing the purity of what we eat, drink, and breathe all within the palm of your hands.

MyDx™, aka “My Diagnostic”, leverages the latest in nanotechnology to accurately measure chemicals of interest in practically any solid, liquid, or gas from your location in real time. Discover what you have been eating, drinking, and breathing with just one hand held portable analyzer.

Using advanced algorithms and data collected from our users in real time, the MyDx™ database will continually expand and evolve its knowledge base. In doing so, our users will receive even more accurate information about the product they are about to consume.


Simplicity in design allows the MyDx™ to go from sample to answer in 3 easy steps:

•Connect your MyDx™ device to your smartphone

•Place your sample in the test chamber

•Press Start in the MyDx™ App to test the sample

Within seconds, the app will provide you with an in-depth analysis of your sample, including what the information means and how it affects you, all in real time.

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