Dutch Master GOLD 200 Gallon Package DEAL

Dutch Master GOLD 200 Gallon Package DEAL

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To use Gold Range NUTRIENT, simply follow these easy guidelines!
  1. Fill your tank to 2/3rds of its capacity.
  2. Add any permitted additives such as Dutch Master Gold Range ADD.27 / MAX first (DO NOT use MAX if you are using Gold Range ADD.27), then add Gold Range ZONE and Gold Range SILICA one at a time, stirring to mix before adding the next one. Please remember Gold Range NUTRIENT is very powerful and you should be very careful when you add any phosphorus boosters, Pk 13 / 14 or nitrogen boosters (kelp, seaweed or guano etc). If using Gold Range POTASH+ with Gold Range NUTRIENT, be sure to watch your leaf tips for ‘tip burn’ as this is a very powerful combination that should be used only by experienced growers!
  3. Add the correct amount of Gold Range NUTRIENT part A for your tanks final or total capacity (according to the online Nutrient Calculator), stirring to mix.
  4. Add the correct amount of Gold Range NUTRIENT part B for your tanks final or total capacity (according to the online Nutrient Calculator ), stirring to mix.
  5. Never mix part A and part B undiluted! Always add separately to water.
  6. Never mix Grow and Flower parts together. Always mix Grow A only with Grow B and Flower A only with Flower B.
  7. Grow must be used in the vegetative cycle and Flower must be used in the bloom cycle.
  8. Top up your reservoir or tank to its final level or volume and check the strength using a TDS (PPM or EC) meter. If required, add more Gold Range NUTRIENT (one part at a time) in small equal quantities, until you arrive at the correct nutrient strength. If your nutrient solution is too strong then add fresh water until you arrive at the correct nutrient strength. If your nutrient solution is too strong then add fresh water until you arrive at the correct nutrient strength.
  9. Adjust pH to approximately 5.5 for Rockwool, Perlite, Clay, Vermiculite, Aeroponics, DWC, NFT, Hydro or Coco users or 5.9 for dirt or soilless systems such as Promix or Sunshine mix. See Growers Tips for more info.
  10. Do NOT use any Calcium / Magnesium supplements as our nutrients are choc full of them!
  11. Feed according to your systems normal requirements.


We formulated this package to give you every additive that Dutch Master recommends in their pH Perfect GrandMaster program for ALL mediums only. The advantage of using all additives is obvious once you get used to what each one does, and the timing of them. The final results are astounding. This package is all pharmaceutical grade and consists of high quality plant extracts combined with stabilizers and chelated nutrients.  Be sure to complete the first step below to fully understand how to size your package:

Step 1. IMPORTANT ---> Calculate which bundle to purchase with DAN's formula:

SIZE OF BUNDLE PACKAGE   =   (#of gallons of water required to thoroughly water all plants) x (# of times you water per week)

 this simple calculation will determine which bundle size to choose. ie: if it takes you 5 gallons to water all of your plants thoroughly, each time, and you water your plants twice per week, this means you will need to choose one of DAN's 10-gallon bundle packages. All packages are designed around 8-9 week fruit/flower cycles.

Package is designed for 4 week vegetative plus 8 week fruit/flower cycle. 

200 gallon package mixes 2,400 gallons of total solution....at approx. $0.37 per gallon



200gal Dutch Master GOLD 200 Gallon Package includes: 


-5L Grow AB

-20L Flower AB 

If you demand the best results. If you work longer and harder in your garden so you can stay ahead of the pack – then Gold Range NUTRIENT is your first choice! Gold Range NUTRIENT is revolutionary! Forget those other brands, this powerful new 2 part (Part A & Part B) grow and flower nutrient took 6 years to design and perfect - and the results will amaze you!

Dutch Master only uses the best available British & US Pharmaceutical & Laboratory Reagent grade chemicals, phyto-nutrients & aminos when making Gold Range NUTRIENT! Every batch is independently lab tested for consistency prior to bottling so we can guarantee that the next bottle of Gold Range NUTRIENT you buy is identical to the last! In a head to head test against our major competitors, Gold Range NUTRIENT provided the robust plants and yields that you want, need and deserve! So how does Gold Range NUTRIENT provide you with such awesome power? The secret lies in the feeding.

Gold Range NUTRIENTs unique ionic technology delivers massive amounts of the best available nutrition to your plants – far above that of any inferior product. By providing a unique ionic charge to the elements contained within Gold Range NUTRIENT, we unlock nature’s awesome genetic power!  Designed specifically for use with all growing media, Gold Range NUTRIENTs high performance action performs equally well in any grow system – truly universal! Try it today and unlock the power in your garden!


-5L Grow ADD.27 (x2)

-20L Flower ADD.27

It’s what every grower has been waiting his whole life for and now it’s finally here! The newest and most exciting addition to our revolutionary stable of Gold Range high performance products – Gold Range ADD.27 !


Gold Range ADD.27 is unlike any mineral based additive you have ever used before! Gold Range ADD.27 is the world’s first Specialized Mineral and Amino Acid based additive that optimizes your nutrient and ADD’s dramatically - TO ITS PERFORMANCE!

Feeding your plants regular mineral based fertilizers is a hit and miss affair. Rarely, if at all, do these mineral based fertilizers ever deliver close to 100% of their true potential. Gold Range ADD.27 is designed to take your regular mineral fertilizer and, through our special protein based chelating technology, deliver a more effective and powerful mineral nutrition, via optimized cytoplasmic streaming, at the time it is most needed – unlocking your nutrients real power and ADDing power to your results.

Gold Range ADD.27 adds power to your regular nutrient or mineral based supplements by helping to optimize the rate of cytoplasmic streaming. Put simply, the cytoplasmic stream is like a fluid based conveyor belt within the plant that delivers all the minerals, enzymes, co-factors etc that the plant requires to grow and develop naturally, right into the cell. Quite often, through external influences eg. pH shift, temperature etc, this conveyor belt can be slow and un-optimized resulting in very average results. Optimized cytoplasmic streaming allows your nutrients and additives to work at their intended performance level - delivering to you, your plants full natural genetic potential! 

Gold Range ADD.27 is your best bet in providing the specialized mineral nutrition and phyto-nutrients your plants need, to deal with the day to day pressures put on them. Unwanted plant stress can sometimes cause a big reduction in yields and can come from a variety of sources, excess heat or humidity, over feeding etc. What a great all round product! Gold Range ADD.27’s high performance action performs equally well in any media or any system – truly universal! Try it today and unlock the power in your garden! As the name says – Gold Range ADD.27 !


-5L Silica

Dutch Master Gold Range Silica is a special formulation of plant available silicon designed by Dutch Master's in-house Plant Physiologist and Biochemist to help restore natural plant levels of silicon so your plant can build strong cell walls resulting in a well-formed plant. When using a modern performance based nutrient like Gold Range Nutrient, Gold Range Silica is essential to help maximize the results you get from these high tech wonder nutrients.

Gold Range Silica use should be started early in the vegetative stage and continued right through harvest for best results as Gold Range Silica's benefits are optimized for long-term use.

Dutch Master uses only the finest British and US Pharmaceutical grade elements to ensure both purity and consistency time after time. Designed specifically for use with all growing media, Gold Range Silica's high performance action works equally well in any system - truly universal!



-5L Zone

Modern root cleansing and sanitizing products, such as hydrogen peroxide, can be harsh on your plants delicate root structures leaving you with plants that are unable to grow to their maximum potential. Dutch Master ZONE changes all that with its modern, gentle and ultra effective root zone optimization and sanitizing actions.

Safe, gentle and effective!Dutch Master ZONE is based on high tech water sanitization systems employed by modern cities all over the world. This type of sanitization ensures that your plants root system and environment is optimized and sanitized, allowing your plants to grow big pearly white and healthy roots! ZONE is so gentle that you can use it for the life of your entire crop!

Long lasting action! The special sanitizing ingredients in ZONE have a long lasting action that keeps your root environment optimized for longer!

Most economical products in its class! Dutch Master ZONE is so powerful and effective that just a little goes a very long way! Compared to the leading root zone sanitizers/ conditioners, ZONE is up to 50 times more economical to use, all while providing you with unparalleled sanitization and conditioning power! Cheap enough to use right through all stages of growth as a maintenance preventative! Powerful enough to knock down the nasties!

Allows for greater uptake of nutrients and water! We all know that fast growing plants have a big demand for food and water but did you know that if your root system is not optimized then your plants might be missing out on the ability to uptake all that they need? ZONE ensures that your root system and environment are optimized so that your plants can take up to 100% of what they need- All the time! No deficiencies here!


-5L Liquid Light

Maximize your grow room with Dutch Master Liquid Light. It’s designed to dramatically increase the amount of light your plants can process by over 60%. Using a select blend of amino acids, carbohydrates and metabolites, Liquid Light accelerates your plants photosynthesis – instantly! (Get 600 watt performance from a 400 watt system.)

When combined with Saturator, Dutch Master’s industry leading foliar delivery agent, this product is the most powerful foliar spray on the market.


Step 1: Add 2 oz per quart of spray solution. Also, add 2 oz Saturator per quart of spray. MUST be used in conjunction with Dutch Master Saturator.

Step 2: Shake well to mix.

Step 3: Ensure your grow lights are ON for at least the next 3 hours. This is very important!

Step 4: Make sure your lights are a minimum of 18 to 24 inches above plants then evenly spray the leaves until some runoff occurs. You only need to spray the top surface of the leaf because Saturator will deliver everything inside the leaf. If you needed to raise your lights to spray you may lower them back down after 10 minutes as all the solution will be absorbed into the leaf within this time.

Step 5: Spray your plants using the above method twice per week (or every third day) all the way through the grow cycle and up until approximately the 4th week of flowering.

Grower’s Tip:
This product can be applied all through grow, but we recommend only for the first 4 weeks of flower. Spraying after this time can result in mold or fungus problems particularly with the large dense flowers that GOLD NUTRIENT is designed to deliver!



-5L Saturator 

• The best just got a whole lot better!

• Simply spray with the lights on - it's that easy!
• Doubles the power and effectiveness of Gold Range Liquid Light!
• Much more effective than a plain old wetting agent!
• Dutch Masters specialized powerful - ProTrans Technology
• The best way to deliver complex carbs and amino's to your plants!

Gold Range Saturator introduces a radical next generation technology that gives this product a unique Dual Action Delivery that takes the nutrients or supplements that you spray on to your plants and delivers them deep inside the actual leaf tissue where it is explosively released with high energy uncoupling, saturating the cells with your foliar payload! Dutch Master has achieved this via their Protrans Technology, a unique and exacting technology that piggybacks your foliar applied elements using custom designed high-energy proteins. The results...a new and exciting second generation foliar delivery agent that performs totally superior to regular Saturator and doubles the power of Gold Range Liquid Light!

Gold Range Saturator should be used with any mineral/carbohydrate/amino acid based fertilizer foliar product to make it penetrate more effectively.



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